Unfair Mario

unfairMario is one of the oldest and most popular characters in the whole world and almost everyone love games where the main character of the game is the brave small man called Mario. You have definitely played the Super Mario games and know about his mission – save the princess and kill all enemies. Unfair Mario is a rather interesting remake of the original game. The world is absolutely the same but there is one big difference – this game is unfair. There are a lot of hidden obstacles in the game that will make you really mad.  For example you can walk on the ground and suddenly the ground drop and kills you. Even though, that there are only 8 levels in the Unfair Mario, most of the people can hardly ever pass the first level. The best advice how to succeed in this game is try as many times as you can and remember all the obstacles that can kill you.

Unfair Mario is very easy to play. The basic controls for this game are : you have to control your character using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The game is so difficult, that the developers placed several checkpoints in each level, so if you manage to reach them, you won't have to start the whole level from the beginning when you die. Unfair Mario is a game for people with steady nerves and good skills. I am sure that you will manage to complete all the levels of the game.  The full version of the Unfair Mario is available at our website for free, so take your time and have some fun with UnfairMario.Org.Uk